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Account Takeover

Credential exploits occur when cyber criminals employ very large datasets of stolen credentials (user IDs and passwords) to attempt account takeovers against a list of target sites.

Fueled by the dramatic increase in data breaches and stolen account credentials, credential exploit attacks and account takeover fraud are growing problems for enterprises and can be difficult to detect with traditional approaches.

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Bad Bots 

Increasingly, bot activity is outpacing legitimate user or employee activity as the largest traffic source for many enterprise organizations. In monitoring real-world environments,  we’ve found that 88% of bot activity consists of malicious automated attacks and unwanted traffic. Traditional defenses are becoming much less effective as attackers  evolve and scale their campaigns against high-value targets, including enterprises and their data sets.

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Attack Toolkits 

Widely available off-the shelf attack toolkits can be customized and configured to attack almost any site, allowing an attacker with negligible experience to unleash a sophisticated automated attack and generate significant damage and costs to the target. Stealth Security is able to detect and mitigate attacks from popular attack toolkits such as:

  • Sentry MBA
  • Hitman
  • Hydra
  • Medusa
  • Phantom JS
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Content Scraping

Often targeting retail, airline, and hospitality sites, content scraping attacks use automation to build large-scale datasets of catalog, inventory, and pricing information that they then sell or use to commit various types of fraud. While the intent is not always malicious, large-scale data aggregation can pose serious problems to critical infrastructure by forcing operations teams to overprovision, often at substantial cost.

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Application DDoS

The criminal underground already publishes tools for automated application attacks, including the ability for attackers of any experience to launch DDoS Attacks and send a high-volume of application layer requests that disrupts service. For businesses such as financial services and retail, who depend on application availability to do business, these attacks can cut into the bottom line and frustrate customers.


The Stealth Security Platform protects over 100 million accounts at Fortune 100 companies. If you’re looking to protect your website, mobile applications, or APIs from bot and fraud activity, let’s talk.

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