Detect and Mitigate

The industry's first solution able to dynamically adapt to new attack patterns,  Velocity Manager® accurately detects and mitigates automated attacks with no effect on legitimate user traffic.

How it Works


Continuously monitors all web, mobile, and API traffic, providing real-time visibility and analytics of automated attacks and unwanted traffic.


Detects attacks in real-time and provides detailed behavioral analysis, without posing any risk to site availability or increased latency.


Performs real-time policy-based attack mitigation based on a vast array of behaviors such as: blocking, rate limiting, header injection, and redirection. 

One Solution to Protect Web, Mobile, APIs

Criminals pursue the attack channel with the least friction. Solutions based on HTML rewriting and JavaScript injection are unable to protect API’s and consequently, attackers exploit them. Stealth Security's product is a single solution purpose-built to protect all of an organization's web, mobile, and API traffic.

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Real-time Behavioral Analytics

Stealth Security's Polygraph Engine uses over 100 different “lie detectors", to separate attack traffic from legitimate traffic and it's proprietary attacker fingerprinting techniques detect the newest versions of off-the-shelf automated attack tools. Using machine learning, Velocity Manager® creates new detectors, continuously adapting to the latest automated cyber attacks.

Deceptive Mitigation

To truly mitigate a determined attacker, you must interfere with the adversary’s decision making cycle and their economic returns. Attackers must not know that they have been detected, how they have been detected, or who has detected them.

Stealth Security’s Honey Trap™ capability emulates legitimate website output to:

  • Deceive the attacker’s tool into thinking the attack is proceeding correctly
  • Render the output data commercially worthless on the black market
  • Increase the time it takes the attacker to discover the data are worthless

Fast Frictionless Deployment to on Premise, Hybrid, and Public Cloud Infrastructures

Architected with the defense of large enterprises in mind. Purpose-built for easy deployment to on premise, hybrid, and public cloud environments.
Flexible enough to rapidly scale horizontally or vertically across the site given the specific needs of your infrastructure.

Scalable Risk Free Architecture

Stealth Security’s web security platform was architected with the defense of large enterprises in mind and purpose-built to deploy easily to on premise, hybrid, and public cloud-based environments, virtually eliminating risk to your infrastructure. It is flexible enough to rapidly scale horizontally or vertically across the site given the specific needs of your infrastructure. Its revolutionary “split-appliance” architecture and detection and mitigation framework have proven to be the most flexible and effective solution for defending enterprise websites, mobile apps, and APIs against automated attacks and unwanted traffic.

Passively detects malicious automation, in real time. Covers web, API & Mobile traffic. Requires zero application integration.

Matches traffic with attacker fingerprints at line speed. Stops attacks from reaching the target web app, via Honey Trap™ decoys.