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Why I Joined Stealth Security

May 4, 2018 11:23:28 AM

I’m extremely excited to join the Stealth Security team as its new President and CEO. At a time when attacks against online applications are both growing and evolving rapidly, some of the world’s most recognized financial institutions and retailers already rely on Stealth Security’s groundbreaking application security platform to protect their infrastructure and their customers’ data.

As an early member of the leadership team at Palo Alto Networks, I participated firsthand in the transformation of the network security market, and I see a very similar transformation beginning in the application security space. Existing application security technologies like web application firewalls and fraud detection systems will continue to play valuable roles, but a new generation of sophisticated and highly automated attacks are circumventing or overwhelming existing application defenses.

By applying the power of machine learning, network analysis, behavioral analysis, and threat intelligence to this growing problem, Ameya, Shreyans, and the rest of the team at Stealth have created the industry’s most effective approach for detecting and mitigating the latest generation of application attacks.

Our approach avoids many of the trade-offs that early attempts at bot detection and mitigation imposed. There is no reliance on client-side code injection, so application load times aren’t negatively affected. Similarly, it isn’t necessary to recompile mobile applications with additional security code, which can complicate the development process, increase the application footprint on devices, and degrade battery life.

It’s also fast and easy for customers to get started with. The Palo Alto Networks customers I worked with over the years loved the fact that they could gain new and important insights immediately by deploying the product in a non-disruptive, passive configuration alongside their existing tools and then gradually shift to more advanced inline controls over time. Stealth Security helps customers approach their application security challenges and concerns in exactly the same way.

As I’ve seen in the past, things begin to move quickly when you leapfrog existing technologies that protect critical aspects of organizations’ IT infrastructures. So, the first big challenge in front of me as CEO is to scale all aspects of our company to meet the growing demands of our existing and future customers.

It’s going to be a fun ride, and if you’d like to join us on this journey as a customer, partner, or employee, be sure to get in touch.

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Topics: News

Larry Link

Written by Larry Link