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Web API Security: A story of authentication, God’s Eye View, and corporate espionage

By Michael Barrett on Apr 18, 2017 3:56:00 PM

Hi, Michael Barrett here, CEO and co-founder of Stealth Security.

As a security guy, I tend to think of the world through a relatively simple lens, and use mental models that have worked for our industry before. I have long suspected that we have been ignoring — or at least oversimplifying — the problem of web API security. And then, last week, there was a case-study making announcement about the discovery of the so-called Hell application, that was allegedly used by Uber to identify Lyft driver locations as well as which drivers used both services. I am not going to comment on the allegations themselves except to note that many CISOs run into situations occasionally that make them ask (usually just to themselves) “what were they thinking?”…

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